ScanObject Module

Purpose of ScanObject

The ScanObject module is an object that is owned BusinessUnit. This recieves data from the BusinessUnit reading the config files, and configures the nmap scan to be run. It holds data such as: flags, IP set, ports, and output file. It will configure the final command and serve it to the BusinessUnit object when the BusinessUnit.scan() method is called.

Using ScanObject

ScanObject is implicitly called, but the user still has access to it. The BusinessUnit keeps a list of these objects under BusinessUnit.scan_objs. An basic example of how a ScanObject operates and serves its data is given below.

from portscan import ScanObject


BU_SO = ScanObject.ScanObject()

BU_SO.CreateCommand("", "-", "23", "nmap-test")


$ open {nmap-dir}/out.html

ScanObject methods

class portscan.scanobject.ScanObject

Contructor of object containing a single nmap scan entity.

CreateCommand(line, exclusion_string, global_ports, out_dir)

Takes input from the BusinessUnit object that owns this ScanObject and creates the command for the system to execute.


Determines the number of IP’s that will be scanned with this object’s instance.